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Doing Good Index

The Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS) is committed to increasing the quality and quantity of philanthropy in Asia. To encourage more charitable engagement, it is important to understand the regulations, tax incentives and the general societal predisposition toward the giving and receiving of donations. To this end CAPS, is carrying out a project called the Doing Good Index™ to shed light on factors that enable or hinder charitable giving. The Index is the first study of its kind in the world and the first that focuses on Asia.

The Doing Good Index™ will examine 16 economies in Asia to identify policies and best practices that enable the domestic charitable sector to thrive. For the first time in Asia, a survey of this kind is aimed at capturing the voice of organizations.

Specifically, this survey will:

For social delivery organizations, the ability to register as a charity, to be tax-exempt, to receive tax deductible contributions and to seek government contracts with projects aligned with their mission are factors in determining their success, and we welcome their participation in our survey.

The survey report, once published, will be disseminated widely in the development community, the media, and to policy makers.

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